The Mission & Vision

My personal story and how Shop Aligned Soul came about are huge drivers behind the company vision and mission. It's fairly simple:

Promote Authenticity

In a world where society gets to choose the "norm" and forces people to feel like they have to conform to a box, we say F THAT! We've been there, done that and it was absolutely MISERABLE. It's time to shine your light. To be the REAL you. Flawed, Authentic, Raw, Goofy, However this looks for you. The world severely lacks authenticity in efforts to fit in or be perceived as someone we think we need to be. I'm here to tell you that the real you is MORE than enough and once you accept and start to own that, your world changes. 

Empower Others

I hope my story inspires someone to take the leap they've feared to take, to do something that scares the living hell out of themselves but know it's for their highest good. I want to empower others simply by continuing to empower myself. I look to serve as both a leader and a community member. I am not perfect, my story is on-going and I am human, dealing with the same struggles, anxieties and fears. Together, we can break the barriers and push forward.

Build a Supportive Community

At the end of the day, Shop Aligned Soul serves 2 roles in our lives. We are a womens boutique committed to serving you trending clothing & accessories in the most fun, authentic way so you can style your soul, but we also serve as a sign of hope to several people around the world. Remember, noone is "better" than anyone, i have overcome adversity and i am here to show you, you are a powerful, beautiful human who needs to share their magic with the world.